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Terms and Conditions

Please review the following carefully: Vista International Travel Inc., authorized to do business as (DBA) Travel Ease, located at 333 Metro Park, Rochester, NY 14623, is an independent company, licensed to market and distribute travel products under the Travel Ease name. Please ensure that you read and understand these Terms & Conditions prior to booking. You are advised to request the latest Terms & Conditions pertaining to a particular Tour/Vacation Package from Travel Ease or your Travel Agent. 

The purchase of any travel services offered by Travel Ease (herein after referred to as TE), constitutes a contractual agreement between you the purchaser, and/or the participant and TE and represents your acceptance of TE’s Terms & Conditions. This applies to airline tickets, tours and packages promoted on our website, in the form of brochure, flyer or email or as brochures provided by our preferred Tour Operators in related business.

Client Responsibilities: Passport Name – Passenger’s full name, date of birth, and gender as printed in the passport is required for holding airline, train or cruise space. Failure to provide correct name as printed in the passport or any Government authorized travel document can result in the loss of booked space or denied boarding. Any penalties associated with incorrect names are not the responsibility of TE or the carrier.

Participation: All Clients should consult their physician regarding their fitness for travel especially adventure travel.

TE encourages all Clients to seek their physicians’ advice regarding necessary or advisable vaccinations. It is the Client’s responsibility to assess the risks and requirements of each travel itinerary. TE is not responsible for any missed activities due to a traveler’s inability to participate with the group.

Passport/Visa/Health: Clients are responsible for obtaining a valid passport, any necessary visa and health documentation as required by the country/countries they wish to enter or transfer through. It is the clients’ responsibility to make sure that their passports are up-to-date for travel to their destination and in presentable condition. Most countries now require that passports are valid for more than 6 months from the date of travel with at least two pages for visa stamping. Multiple-entry visa is required for some vacations. Certain countries require inoculations and mandatory vaccination certificates. Please note that requirements often vary for citizens of different countries. TE accepts no responsibility for cancellation due to lack of proper travel documents or immunizations.

Payments and Documentation: Our well-travelled and experienced team has the knowledge to offer our clients a full range of vacations offerings and recommendations. Clients are requested to provide a $50 Plan to Go Deposit for planning any vacations. This deposit is applied to the clients’ vacation travel costs or applicable fees. You must complete and send the appropriate booking form along with the required deposits for services to be secured. Final payments are due 80-50 days prior departure.  Airline and train tickets may be instant purchases as indicated by the carrier.

Tour Prices and Alterations: Prices mentioned in our tours or packages are based on tariffs, exchange rates and air fares in effect when the tours were published and promoted. TE reserves the right to alter prices quoted should inflation, cost of fuel, labor or material, air fares or foreign exchange rates change. There may be circumstances which require TE and its associates/suppliers of travel services to reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary and substitute components of any tour, due to security matters or events beyond their control make such alternations necessary.

Cancellation and Penalties: Cancellation penalties imposed on TE by its suppliers are stringent for land arrangements. Airline tickets also have separate penalties. TE will advise its clients of the penalties at the time of cancellation. If the client cancels while the tour is in progress, there will not be any refund for the unused portion of the tour or tickets.

Days prior to departure

  • More than 50 days prior to departure – $550.00 per person or deposit amount
  • 30 to 49 days prior to departure – 25% of tour cost; plus deposit amount
  • 16 to 29 days prior to departure date – 50% of tour cost; plus deposit amount
  • 15 days or less prior to departure – 100% of tour cost, plus administration handling fees of $300 per person

Airfares: Full payments are required for all air reservations as dictated by the airlines. An itinerary will be sent so that all the information can be checked before payments are made and tickets issued.  Prior to payment, airlines may impose, with or without notification, fuel surcharges or tax increases.  Payment of these increases is the responsibility of the passenger. Once the tickets are issued, any fees associated to changes or cancellation is the responsibility of the client or travel agent.

Schedule changes: It is the client’s responsibility to contact the airlines or TE, 72 hours prior departure and on the day of departure to reconfirm their flights. Any client that misses their flight due to a schedule change will not be reimbursed by TE for expenses resulting from a missed flight.

Baggage: Most domestic (USA) airlines permit passengers to carry 1 or 2 suitcases with specific measurements and weight as mentioned in their tariffs. Different international carriers’ baggage allowances are different depending upon the class of services and fare paid. On an international trip the passengers may have different baggage allowances with the airlines they are flying. Some tours involving light aircraft on safari or other outdoor adventures will have a different baggage and weight allowance. There may be fees associated with check-in baggage.

Travel Insurance: TE strongly advises clients to purchase trip cancellation insurance, which TE will make available to the client. The intent is to protect the client from financial loss in most of the circumstances.  Information for Travel Insurance will be sent to the client at the time of booking.  Travel Insurance protection benefits include Cancel for Any Reason Waiver, Trip Interruption, Medical Expenses, Evacuation, Baggage Loss, Delay and other benefits.

Responsibility:Travel Ease; its employees, shareholders, officers, directors, successors, agents and assigns, do not own or operate any entity to provide goods or services for your trip. TE acts as an agent and purchases transportation (by aircraft, motor coach, cruises, train, vessel or otherwise), hotel and other lodging accommodations, restaurant, ground handling and other services from various independent suppliers, who are disclosed principals. All such persons and entities are independent contractors/ suppliers or joint venturers.  All certificates and other travel documents for services issued by TE and TE’s tour operators are subject to the Terms & Conditions specified by the supplier, and the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied which are available upon request.  The international carriage of passengers is subject to international conventions and treaties, where applicable.

Safety : Please be aware that during the clients’ participation in vacations operated by TE and it’s supplier/operators, certain risks and dangers beyond TE’s control may arise, including but not limited to: the hazards of traveling in undeveloped areas; travel by boat, train, automobile, aircraft, or other means of transportation; forces of nature; acts of God or force majeure, political unrest; acts of lawlessness or terrorism; and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. While TE will use its best efforts to ensure that adequate measures are taken, by agreeing to participate in a vacation and/or optional excursions the clients agree that they will hold TE harmless regarding any provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care rendered. TE is not responsible for such risks and dangers that may arise beyond its control. Payment of the deposit by the clients indicate that the clients accept these risks and dangers and agree to hold TE harmless for such. The passenger assumes all such risks with regard to these possibilities. 

TE and it suppliers reserve the right to accept or reject any person as a vacation participant, to expel any participant from the vacation, to make changes in the itinerary and to cancel a vacation at any time
whenever the Company deems it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of the participants;

No person, other than an authorized representative of TE by a document in writing, is authorized to modify, add, or waive any term or condition on its Web site, including any term or condition set forth in the preceding provisions.


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